Blue River Wellness Kratom: the Complete Review

Overview of Blue River Wellness Kratom

Though there are scores of vendors, both online and brick and mortar, there are just a few that stand out from the audience. 1 such name is Blue River Wellness Kratom. Clients who were using this kratom for many years have lots of things great to say about it. Therefore, we thought it could be a fantastic idea to have a closer look at this supplier and get to learn more about the products they provide, the budget where the products can be found, the delivery facilities, payment methods and options and other such valuable info. It would be pertinent to mention here that previously, this vendor was called Coastal Kratom Vendors but have since changed their name to Blue River Wellness.

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The main reason for altering the title is best called the vendors, and so far it has been kept a closely guarded secret. But many believe that they might have altered the name keeping in mind changing times and they perhaps believe that Blue River Wellness seems a better name. We’re confident the review will be helpful in more ways than one and can help readers and other people to have reasonably good knowledge about the goods that are offered by this seller.

Some Fundamentals About Them

The seller is located in Colorado, USA. Previously, they were supplying kratom to customers not just in the USA but across the world. However, over the past few decades, they’ve restricted their business only to clients in the United States alone. They have achieved this as a strategic business move because of the immense possibilities and chances that the U.S market offers. They have caused changes that make it suitable for customers to place their orders online and have added a wide range of kratom products to their own clients. Let us examine a couple of them.

Selective Choice of Strains

This kratom seller has restricted the availability of the end products to a couple of strains. They have the breeds available under the heading Mitra on their website. When you click on this going, you will be taken to a page where you will get to find out more about the numerous strains that are a part of the Blue River Wellness product portfolio. Let’s have a look at some of the breeds that make up their stables.

  • Green Maeng Da
  • White Vietnam Kratom
  • Ultra-Premium Bali Strain
  • Red Vein Sumatra Kratom
  • The Intelligent Eyes Blend


They’ve earned a very good reputation in regards to the high quality and cleanliness of their products. They’ve never compromised on their quality since, in the long run, they’re sure that it is quality of those kratom goods and breeds which will stand apart from the crowd. They guarantee that every batch of kratom that is offered for sale on the market goes through the very best of quality tests. Even the raw materials are assessed properly to guarantee the potency, and also the cleanliness.

Costs Of The Products

The rates of the products aren’t so high and are comparable to the best in the industry. The prices range from $10.99 to $95.99. The reviews of the consumers are also rather optimistic except for a rare negative comment here and there. There are obviously many reasons for gratification. The prices with no uncertainty are low and cheap. But what is good about Blue River Wellness is they have not compromised on quality under any circumstances simply because they’re supplying their products are low prices. Hence, you can make sure that you will get a wonderful mixture of quality at affordable prices. This is something that makes them different in the rest of the audience and they have been able to win the trust and confidence of many customers. In fact, you can get one ounce of kratom for an affordable price of $10 each ounce which is very competitive, to say the least.

Return Policy

They also supply a refund of their customers’ money within seven days following the purchase price of the merchandise. However, customers need to get Blue River Wellness within seven days and they do not entertain any refund claims. The shipping fees to your goods from the buyer to the vendor need to be borne by the seller Blue River will not refund the same. The refund only the actual cost of the product and any taxes will be deducted.

Transport of Products

Orders placed before 12 noon are generally shipped the same day. When the order is placed, the client gets a tracking number. Once the tracking number is received, the client can make certain that the order has been shipped. Their shipping cost is less when compared to the other internet sellers of kratom. They ship the atom order via first class mail or by express mail. The delivery prices vary from one package to another depending on size and other items. After the order is shipped through first-class mail they will reach the customers within 7 days. The charges for such first class shipping will be $3.99. Expedited shipping could cost approximately $6.29 as well as the products reach over 4 days. There is also another faster mode of transport at $21.99 and the kratom will reach customers in 2 days.

Coupons, Deals & Discounts

Like many online kratom vendors, Blue River Wellness Kratom also offers attractive loyalty programs for their regular customers. The program could help normal customers with some exciting and fascinating rewards. The rewards are accumulated and then they are converted to discount codes. These discount codes can be redeemed into attractive discounts anytime they make purchases.

Payment Methods

They enable customers to make payments via debit and charge cards. They guarantee that the privacy of their customers is completely cared for. The information is fully encrypted end-to-end and there is no way personal information can be leaked. The privacy stipulations of customers are fully revealed to the people on the website and there’s absolutely no doubt the BlueRiver Wellness Kratomhas a transparent policy about customer info safety and confidentiality.

Concluding Remarks

There is hardly any doubt that Blue River Wellness is an all-rounder when it comes to distinct variants and kinds of kratom. The products have the ideal quality, while they have not compromised on prices whatsoever and are offering them at very affordable prices. Additionally, they have earned recognition and name because of the services which they provide to their clientele. They believe in offering proactive services to their clients are all points in time.